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Free iOS Apps This Weekend: IncrediBooth, The Terminator, and Jaws Revenge

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 30 October 2011


Many iOS app developers are offering free or discounted apps this weekend in celebration of Halloween. One of which is IncrediBooth. As the name implies, it is a photo-booth type of app. It takes a series of photos using the front facing camera of the iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2, or iPod touch 4th generation using different filters.

The app is free this weekend (normally 99¢ USD - App Store link: IncrediBooth - Hipstamatic, LLC) and it includes the "Cowboy Booth" set of filters (4 variations). You can purchase other booths (filters) including a special one just in time for Halloween called Haus O' Haunt Booth (for iOS 5). This filter pack and other ones are available as in-app purchases for 99¢ each. They are completely optional of course.

The app produces a digital strip of photos just like the traditional old time photo-booths which you can then save to your photo library (it does this automatically as well), email, upload to Facebook or send to Twitter for iOS 5 users.

You can only select the filters prior to taking the photos, not afterwards. If it sounds a little like Hipstamatic, it's because it is by the same developer.

It's a fun app, and I would expect especially fun at social gatherings and parties. I noticed some have posted in the user reviews reports of it crashing often. I have used the app several times yesterday and I haven't experienced any crashing.

Another app that may be of interest to you if you are a Terminator fan, is the game app, The Terminator. It too is free this weekend. I haven't tried this game, so I cannot comment on it. You can find it here: The Terminator - Big Head Games Ltd. (No longer available).

Another game app which I have not yet tried but is now available for free this weekend is Jaws Revenge. Based on the Jaws film series, I believe you play the shark in this game. It is available in the app store here: Jaws™ Revenge - Fuse Powered Inc.

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